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Plexus is a multi-faceted consulting group that has one sole goal: Help you succeed & exceed goals!

We review your business from all angles, ensuring that you’re running optimally. We are an extension of you.

With the help of Plexus Consulting & IT Advisors, you’ll see your business thrive and operate at max efficiency!

Plexus is a synergistic team of consultants, customers, and partners with the sole purpose to elevate all stakeholders to their highest potential. We are the place to work at and with.

We aspire to be the best partner implementing the best variety of services from Consulting to IT Management, staying true to our core principal to never cost you money.

Smarter decisions, better business!

Plexus Consulting is your premier partner for growth and longevity!

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Business Process

You know the WHY and the WHAT, we will create and audit for you the most efficient procedures that make a change in the HOW.

Disaster Recovery

Plexus is here to help you prepare for the worst and bring your business back online when it happens. You’re in good hands with Plexus!

Business Consulting

Any business, start-up or multi-national needs a 360 degree view. We provide you with insights to define and implement strategies to improve efficiency.

Marketing Consulting

Life Cycle, Hype Cycle, new products and how to TELL THE STORY. Communicating to existing and new customers and your team members WHY they cannot do without your company and products.

Software & Apps

Our team can create anything from mobile apps to highly integrated software solutions. The size and experience of our team allows for a cost efficient and quick turn-around.

Data Management

BIG or SMALL data … We devise strategies to collect, store and analyze data that will help you to increase efficiency, satisfaction and provide deep insights into your business and the market

IT & Security are Key!

Plexus IT Advisors has you covered.

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Managed IT Services

From the smallest network to Global integrations. We consult to define what you really need, optimize your costs and manage the transformation and operation for you.

IT Security

Cyber Security, Dark Web or just a disgruntled employee. We work to find the most meaningful and cost efficient protection for your data and infrastructure

Penetration Testing

Penetration teams test physical and cyber security to identify weaknesses. This is an ongoing process that will preempt new attack methods and risks.

Desktop Support

On site or remotely, we are there when you need us. 24/7 support that let’s you use your IT without headaches.

Software Implementation

We implement solutions for you that fit the need of your organization. First we analyze the process and will help you to find the most effective software solution. Our one stop shop will implement, train and optimize.

Networking & Cabling

Any system is only as good as the foundation it is built on. We help you to design and implement IT infrastructure from cable to Data Center.

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